Gospel Choral Singing Workshops

With Marcus Mosely, Darlene Ketchum and Bill Sample

Experience the joy of Gospel Choral singing! From its roots of field songs and spirituals to its development into blues, jazz, R&B etc., Gospel music has been used as a herald of social justice and civil rights, for unifying and connecting people and as a powerful platform to let one’s ‘voice’ be heard.  It is some of the most inspirational and electrifying music to arise from North America! This workshop will focus on presenting and experiencing Gospel music as an empowering force for overcoming adversity and oppression… and moving to an unbridled expression of joy and personal empowerment.

Learn its roots, evolution and techniques in a workshop setting, and then put that knowledge to practice in performance where friends and family can experience the joy of Gospel through the voices of you and your classmates! Learning Gospel music is fun – singing it with a group can be life-changing.

What you will learn:

  • The history of Gospel music and key developments over time
  • Vocal techniques for singing Gospel (style and form)
  • Foundations of rhythm and groove
  • Improvisational singing, call and response, and 3-part Gospel harmonies
  • How singing connects and empowers us
  • How to find your voice and communicate from your core

Gospel Style Soloist Workshops – Are you a singer who loves Gospel music? Have you secretly dreamed of soloing in front of a huge Gospel choir but lacked the confidence or the skills to make that dream come true? Come and find your inner Gospel singer. Have an opportunity to explore improvisational singing, Gospel vocal styling and techniques, tips on finding appropriate material that works for you and your voice with an emphasis on establishing a “heart” connection between you and your audience. This workshop is also available in a smaller, coaching version. See below for details.

Who should attend: Open for ages 16-80. No prior singing experience required, just a love of music and a desire to learn and practice.

Well-known Vancouver Gospel musicians Marcus Mosely, Bill Sample, and Darlene Ketchum, the creative team behind the Marcus Mosely Chorale, will guide participants through this incredible musical journey.

Workshops Package Options:

All Day Workshop (6 hours) – with mini concert/church service (participants sing songs they’ve learned)
$2000 (+GST) plus accommodations, and travel expenses

All Day Workshop (6 hours) – with evening concert (with participants, Marcus, Darlene and Bill)
$2,000 + 50% of door (with a $300 guarantee) plus accommodations, and travel expenses

Three-Hour Workshop 
$1,000 plus accommodation and travel expenses.

School presentation Workshop (African-American Gospel singing – history, heart and sound)
$300 per hour ($100 per hour for each instructor)

Gospel Style Soloist Workshop – five-hour workshop
$1800 plus accommodations and travel expenses.  20-person maximum.

Gospel Soloist Masterclass (with possible concert – extra fee)
As above plus participants will be given a chart to learn and from which to prepare to ad lib (solo) over. Participants will also sing a solo of their choice, and Marcus, Darlene and Bill will then give individual input to the participants as they share their songs.  Maximum 10 participants.  $2000 plus accommodation and travel.

Customized Gospel Singing Workshops
Marcus, Bill and Darlene can also customize workshops for your group, choir, school/college, festival/conference or cultural event, etc.

Equipment Needed

All workshops require the following:

  • (tuned)piano
  • 3 music stands
  • sound system
  • computer projection system

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