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    The Marcus Mosely Chorale (MMC) is comprised of 60+ singers, predominantly from Metro Vancouver but also including Vancouver Island and Bellingham.

    The MMC focuses on Gospel music with influences of jazz, pop and R&B. The MMC repertoire includes original songs and unique arrangements by the Directors (see below).

    Now in it’s 10th year, the MMC has recorded a CD called “Labour of Love”. They have performed at the Con Brio Music Festival in Whistler, the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver, the “Out for Lunch” concert series at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver Jazz Festival Vespers, the Dundarave Festival of Lights, the 55+ BC Games, and the Mission Music Festival.

Audience – Nothing lifts your heart like an MMC concert
I attend most of MMC’s concerts. At the beginning, the audience is very Canadian: they clap politely, smile a bit, maybe mouth the words to songs they know. By the end of the concert, people are usually on their feet clapping, dancing, laughing and even joining in the singing at the top of their lungs. Nothing lifts your heart like an MMC concert, with the harmonies of the chorale and the power and emotion of Marcus’ voice.  ~ Conrad Frisse, Audience Member
Audience – Spectacular Sound
I've seen the Marcus Mosely Chorale perform several times and enjoyed it every time! The repertoire is gospel music, but much more varied than the standards, and the sound is spectacular. The accompanists are very good and the soloists, which includes Marcus, are impressive. Anyone who likes chorale music will enjoy their shows. ~ Mikal S. - Audience Member
Audience – Warmth & sincerity
Marcus and his Chorale are always a joy to listen to. There’s such a warmth and sincerity in their performances, combined with beautiful voices and clever arrangements. ~ Sally Emmerson - Audience Member
Audience – Sheer energy, passion & joy
I have been going to MCC concerts for a few years now and every time it’s a new, fun experience:  new faces, new music, new combinations. What never changes however, is the sheer energy, passion and joy that the choir brings to every performance. Best bang for your buck in my book! ~ Fiona Chin - Audience Member

Upcoming Events

Watch for upcoming events soon

To learn more about our upcoming concerts and our participation in special vents, check out our event calendar.

Our Directors

Marcus Mosely

Marcus is a member of the Entertainment Hall of Fame, The Sojourners (singing trio), and has sung throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the South Pacific, Australia and the Middle East…

Bill Sample

Bill has been a sought-after performer, musical director and teacher for many years. Bill served as David Foster’s Music Director for many years, working with artists such as Bryan Adams, Celine Dion…

Darlene Ketchum

Darlene is a performer as well as a songwriter, arranger, teacher, choral and musical director and accompanist. She was a Director of the Institute of Music Ministry at Pacific Life Bible College…

  • Gospel Singing Workshops
  • Gospel Singing Workshops

    Well-known Vancouver Gospel musicians Marcus Mosely, Bill Sample, and Darlene Ketchum, the creative team behind the Marcus Mosely Chorale, will guide participants through this incredible musical journey.

    Experience the joy of Gospel Choral singing! From its roots of field songs and spirituals to its development into blues, jazz, R&B etc., Gospel music has been used as a herald of social justice and civil rights, for unifying and connecting people and as a powerful platform to let one’s ‘voice’ be heard.  It is some of the most inspirational and electrifying music to arise from North America! This workshop will focus on presenting and experiencing Gospel music as an empowering force for overcoming adversity and oppression… and moving to an unbridled expression of joy and personal empowerment.

  • Audition
  • Audition

    We are always looking for singers! If you can sing, enjoy our music and would like to join the choir, we hold several auditions throughout the year.

    We rehearse from September to June on Monday nights, 7:15 – 9:30.  The vast majority of our rehearsals are at St. Andrews Wesley in downtown Vancouver.

    Choir members are not required to read music (although it’s helpful if you do).  Choir members are expected to do some rehearsal on their own between choir rehearsals to ensure you know your parts in the repertoire.  To help with this, the MMC has a members’ only section on the website that includes lyrics, full scores and MP3’s of the various parts for most of the songs in our repertoire.

Member – This choir gave me back the absolute joy of singing
I sang when I was younger but over time, developed a fear of singing in public. I joined the Chorale to overcome this fear. I was so terrified when I started that I couldn’t sing for the first 45 minutes of each rehearsal!  But the Directors were incredibly supportive, patient and kind, the songs (and Marcus’ singing) were so incredibly inspirational, and the choir members were so welcoming that in no time, I found my voice. This choir gave me back the absolute joy of singing. I couldn’t be more grateful. ~ Heather - Choir Member
Member – I absolutely had to be part of the chorale
My first exposure to Marcus Mosely, Bill Sample and Darlene Ketchum was at a summer Gospel workshop about 2 years ago. By the end of the weekend I knew that I absolutely had to be part of the chorale; even though I had never auditioned for anything before. I can’t begin to tell you how much joy singing with this group brings to my life.   ~ Barbara - Choir Member
Member – An Igniting, Uplifting Gift
Being encouraged to sing from a place that is so deeply rooted in the full expression of our soul is life-affirming medicine. The experience of sharing this joyful sound when performing together with Marcus Mosely is truly an igniting, uplifting gift all around. ~ Wanda Mae, Choir Member