About the Marcus Mosely Chorale

“People may not remember who you are, but they will remember how you made them feel” - that's what the music of the Marcus Mosely Chorale is all about. Many voices....one song, all culminating in joy!

We are a Chorale of singers, led by Marcus Mosely (Artistic Director), Darlene Ketchum (Choral Director), and Bill Sample (Musical Director) backed up by a 3 or 4 piece band, which includes Bill Sample (piano/keyboard), Buff Allen (drums), Rene Worst (bass), David Sinclair (guitar); and Bill Runge (sax).

Our style is African American Gospel, fused with soul & jazz, featuring original songs and unique arrangements by Mosely, Sample, and Ketchum.

Now in our 7th season, the Chorale has performed with soloists Dee Daniels, Eleanor Collins (Order of Canada recipient), Leon Bibb, Jane Mortifee, Cayla Brooke, Dawn Pemberton, Eric Bibb, The Sojourners (2014 winners of WCMA Best Spiritual Recording of the Year), Jim Byrnes, and Blu Mankuma.

The Chorale was featured on the Marcus Mosely CD “Labour of Love” released May 2017. (link to store page)
In addition to performing their own concerts throughout the Lower Mainland, The Marcus Mosely Chorale (MMC) celebrates Black History month in an annual concert in February. The Chorale has performed at the Con Brio Music Festival in Whistler, Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver, Out for Lunch concert series at the Vancouver Art Gallery, been on “On Rush” (Shaw TV) and on Global Morning Television. MMC performed at the Vancouver Jazz Festival Jazz Vespers in 2012-2017, Arts Club Theatre, Dundarave Festival of Lights, Yule Duel, Canada Day at Canada Place, BC 55+ Games 2015 in North Vancouver.

Our Directors

Marcus Mosely

Marcus is a member of the Entertainment Hall of Fame, The Sojourners (singing trio), and has sung throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the South Pacific, Australia and the Middle East…

Bill Sample

Bill has been a sought-after performer, musical director and teacher for many years. Bill served as David Foster’s Music Director for many years, working with artists such as Bryan Adams, Celine Dion…

Darlene Ketchum

Darlene is a performer as well as a songwriter, arranger, teacher, choral and musical director and accompanist. She was a Director of the Institute of Music Ministry at Pacific Life Bible College…

Community Outreach

MMC is about spreading joy and compassion. We primarily do this through our singing, but we also seek out other opportunities to show we care.  Here are some examples of our community outreach.

Powell Place Women’s Shelter

In December of 2016-2019 we provided 55 gift bags to the Powell Place Women’s Shelter. Powell Place provides emergency shelter for women in crisis while supporting them to foster their independence, enhance their skills, and find and remain in permanent housing. In addition to recently doubling its occupancy from 26 beds to 52, the new facility in Vancouver’s downtown east side allows for integrated community services on site, offering accessible and individualized supports for women in crisis.

The gift bags were hand-sewn by choir members, and designed to serve as waterproof toiletry bags. They were then filled with supplies (toothbrush, shampoo, hats and gloves) that might come in handy for residents.

Audience – Nothing lifts your heart like an MMC concert
I attend most of MMC’s concerts. At the beginning, the audience is very Canadian: they clap politely, smile a bit, maybe mouth the words to songs they know. By the end of the concert, people are usually on their feet clapping, dancing, laughing and even joining in the singing at the top of their lungs. Nothing lifts your heart like an MMC concert, with the harmonies of the chorale and the power and emotion of Marcus’ voice.  ~ Conrad Frisse, Audience Member
Audience – Warmth & sincerity
Marcus and his Chorale are always a joy to listen to. There’s such a warmth and sincerity in their performances, combined with beautiful voices and clever arrangements. ~ Sally Emmerson - Audience Member
Audience – Sheer energy, passion & joy
I have been going to MCC concerts for a few years now and every time it’s a new, fun experience:  new faces, new music, new combinations. What never changes however, is the sheer energy, passion and joy that the choir brings to every performance. Best bang for your buck in my book! ~ Fiona Chin - Audience Member